Free Masterclass Reveals…
How to invest in real estate as a first-time buyer without the bank’s help!
Everything you need to know from finding the place of your dreams to negotiating and signing the contract!
Presented By Mark Canfora
What You’ll Learn In This FREE Masterclass:
  • How you should be looking for a property & how to do it successfully;
  • Everything you need to know about negotiating in this kind of situation;
  • ​How to get the deal inked on paper with terms you're happy with and why it’s so important to sign a contract.
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Meet Your Presenter,
Mark Canfora
Mark has spent over 25 years as a real estate investor. Coming from a difficult background, he is self-taught in matters of real estate investment and brokering. 

He has also consulted to major industries like coal, victim assistance, and outreach ministries. Mark has experienced the hardship of poverty, homelessness, and loss which is why he’s now focused on helping others benefit from the real estate investment tactics he followed which led him to live his success story.
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